DAlbum Migration

This is a Gallery2 module called DAlbum. It allows the Gallery2 admin to migrate from DAlbum to Gallery2. The module will import all images and titles and descriptions and comments from DAlbum. The folder hierarchy from DAlbum will be preserved. The admin can choose to import some or all of the DAlbum folders. The module also supports redirection from old DAlbum URLs to the new Gallery2 locations. The DAlbum installation and data will not be affected at all.

This module is based on the Migrate plugin v1.0.4 for migrating from Gallery1 to Gallery2. Most of the code was copied from that module. Code was also copied from DAlbum 1.42.

This software is alpha-quality and has several known bugs.


Install this module by copying the zip file into your modules directory and unzipping it.

Enter the Site Admin area of your Gallery2 site. Enable the DAlbum plugin in the Import category.


In the Admin Options under the Import category, click the DAlbum link.

The first prompt asks for the DAlbum root directory. The module expects you to provide a directory with a certain structure. The following files and folders are expected to be present:

If your own directory structure does not match that above, you will have to create symbolic links so that it appears to match. For example, most DAlbum installations already have the correct config and .private and pictures directories. But they don't have a thumbs directory, because their meta-data is stored in the pictures directory. Those users can fix this by typing:

ln -s pictures <DAlbum root directory>/thumbs

The command above creates a symbolic link from thumbs to pictures. That makes it appear as if there were a thumbs directory that contains the expected .albumdef.ini files. The fact that the thumbs and pictures directories are actually the same directory is not a problem.

Continue through the rest of the migration wizard. It will give you a chance to confirm your choices before it begins the migration.

The migration wizard may prompt whether you want to migrate users from DAlbum. Do not choose to migrate any users. That feature is unsupported.

Known Bugs


The author has already migrated all his DAlbum images into Gallery2, and now has little incentive to maintain this module. However, other contributors are welcome to make improvements. Some areas that need work are listed here.